Michelle Fournet

Position: Graduate Research Assistant

Year hired: 2013

Field studies of acoustic behavioral ecology, animal communication, humpback whales

Research: My research interests are in animal communication, the impact of anthropogenic noise on animal behavior, and inter-species interactions. I work primarily with cetaceans, but I am generally interested in using acoustics to investigate questions of applied ecological significance and to disseminate science to the greater public.

Student member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
Student member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM)

Office address: Hatfield Marine Science Center, RSF 150 Newport, OR 97365, USA

Office phone:+1-907-723-2752

Office fax: +1-541-867-3907

Email address: Michelle.fournet[@]oregonstate.edu

Mailing address:
Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365, USA

2006: BFA Theatre Arts, Boston University
2014: MS Marine Resource Management, Oregon State University

Personal interest:
Gardening, hiking, by pups Vista and Luna

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Other: mfournet.wordpress.com