Ishmael: Instructional Videos

We are currently adding instructional videos and associated files for Ishmael. Videos are grouped into "Workshop Videos"and "Ishmael Software Videos"

Videos can be also found at Ishmael: Acoustic Monitoring Software, a YouTube channel.

Workshop videos:

"Exploring automatic detection capablities with Ishmael" (a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Naval program Living Marine Reources January 18-20, 2017) : 11 videos from the workshop that suppliment the Ishmael Tutorial. (Other Tutorial files can be found here).
* The presentation featured in these videos can be found here.
* Use this Video Log to locate points of interest in each video and the corresponding presentations referred to in each of the 11 videos.

Ishmael Software Videos:
Click here to watch instructions on how to navigate specific features.

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